Shannon Kelly


Mill Street Hollow
I chose to design a traditional and classic boutique hotel for my 10 Mill Street redesign as I wanted my hotel to have something no other hotel in Dublin has today as every upcoming hotel possesses a contemporary approach. My client being the famous literary sensation J.K. Rowling, my concept is ‘books coming to life’, therefore I designed a hotel that will feel like you’re entering another time in another world as every room will be based off a different setting from my clients ‘Harry Potter’ book series. My hotel is very universal in terms of the design; although the design will be somewhat of a Harry Potter fan destination, it will remain very classic as in all the Harry Potter incorporated design aspects will be very subtle meaning non-fans will still appreciate the design for its luxurious and mysterious atmosphere. Overall, my design approach is influenced by the world of creativity, it will be a getaway from the everyday dull working life many people in Dublin experience, a place to open your mind for writers, readers, designers, artists, relaxers etc.

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Bar Render


Ground Floor Render


Ground Floor


First Floor Render


First Floor

6_Section Render

Section Render


West Elevation