Serena Geraghty


10 Mill Street — The Bohemia Hotel (Adaptive reuse of a building)
The concept for this project came from the client I chose — Justina Blakeney. Justina is a designer and author from California, and she is the founder of The Jungalow — an online store and blog. I used some of her influences as inspiration for my Bohemian concept. The interiors of my hotel will be rich, warm and full of texture, while remaining luxurious. I want people to feel relaxed and comfortable when they come to stay. When I graduate from Griffith, I hope to work with a design firm, and to continue gaining experience and knowledge through working.

Serena Geraghty_1

Shower Area of Accessible Bathroom

Serena Geraghty_2

Standard Bedroom

Serena Geraghty_3

Reading Nook