Joud Al Hamwi


10 Mill street boutique hotel
My main inspiration behind designing the 10 Mill Street hotel was its space, because of the limited space that we have to work with I wanted to change the space in a way that I could bring attention to spaces that are supposed be generous in space. Using a variety types of lights to create a trick where spaces look bigger than they actually are, therefore for my extension I have kept the concept ongoing using different angles and shapes to create the element of form and volume.

Joud Al Hamwi 1

Isometric view

Joud Al Hamwi 2

Exterior view of extension

Joud Al Hamwi 3

Exterior back view of extension

Joud Al Hamwi 4

Perspective of reception

Joud Al Hamwi 5

Perspective of living room in en–suite

Joud Al Hamwi 6

Perspective of hallway under the pond

Joud Al Hamwi 7

Perspective of twin bedroom

Joud Al Hamwi 8

Rendered ground floor plan