Ifeanyi Ibekwe


10 Mill Street, Diamond/Water Design
My major inspiration and idea behind the hotel design is a diamond and how it relates with water. I chose this concept because it’s abstract and minimalist but at the same time luxurious with many different aspects, aesthetics and forms to play with. Every space will reflect the abstractness of the concept which is the beauty of the entire hotel. I wish to work for an architectural firm in my hometown and eventually start my own design firm in my country Nigeria.

Ifeanyi Ibekwe31-2

Section bb Mill Street project showing the section cut through the Existing Building and Extension

Ifeanyi Ibekwe 31-3

Technical plan of First Floor plan, Mill Street

Ifeanyi Ibekwe 31-4

Perspective view of the restaurant using revit and photoshop

Ifeanyi Ibekwe 31-5

Perspective view of the bar

Ifeanyi Ibekwe 31-6

Perspective view of the bedroom

Ifeanyi Ibekwe 31-7

Perspective view of the coffee shop

Ifeanyi Ibekwe 31-8

Perspective view of the exterior extension in day time

Ifeanyi Ibekwe 31-9

Perspective view of the reception

Ifeanyi Ibekwe 31-10

Floor plan of Second Floor extension

Ifeanyi Ibekwe 31-11

Rendered Floor plans of the Basement Floor and Extension