Dolores Meshi


10 Mill Street
The concept ‘A Hidden Gem’ demonstrates a diamond in the rough as this building is situated in a rough, poor area creating something ‘beautiful out of the ugly’, as this boutique hotel will consists of a modern, sleek touch. This boutique hotel will act as a Hidden Gem for the Liberties and will stand out amongst the rest of the undeveloped areas in the surroundings of 10 Mill Street. The initial aesthetic comes from the client himself being brought up in a rough place and having a poor upbringing now being a self made millionaire he wants to add a modern, beautiful touch to rough areas throughout large cities. I was inspired by showing the contrast and combining light with Dark to create different types of atmospheres such as Warm, Welcoming and Peaceful alongside it being Dark and Mysterious, including a large extension connected to the protected structure.

DoloresMeshi_1 DoloresMeshi_2 DoloresMeshi_3 DoloresMeshi_4 DoloresMeshi_5 DoloresMeshi_6 DoloresMeshi_7