Daria Gross


10 Mill Street
My goal for the future is to become a professional designer and make my future customers happy. My client is Beata Pawlikowska, traveler, writer, journalist, photographer loves to be surrounded by nature. That’s why I tried to meet all her expectations here too. Thanks to her interests and passion, I could focus on what I really love, which is nature. In my project, I tried to bring in as much nature as possible, through plants and natural materials, by using functionality, environmental decisions that are environmentally friendly.


Ground Floor plan, I’ve decided to show this Ground Floor, because this is where the history of my concept is most told. As you can see there is a hotel with a connection to restaurant and the garden glass. The entire surface is functionally distributed in three parts. From the top of the Garden you can see how beautifully the construction was designed, where during a sunny day, shadows create sun-shaped rays on the floor.


On the section, you can see the layout of the rooms in a way that is convenient and functional for customers.


On the elevation, we can see the exterior buildings. I wanted to show how beautiful the buildings look at night, with cosy lighting.


The extension is designed using red bricks with green roof and large windows to enhance the natural light. You can also see the Greenhouse surrounded by trees.


Here we can see the Greenhouse, which serves as part of the restaurant and illuminated ceilings with small solar lights, resembling stars in the sky.


The red brick extension accommodates the reception and cloakroom. The reception desk resembles sunshine, and mirrors the logo ‘Garden Rays’.


The bedrooms are designed to create comfort using calming colours. The furniture selected is tropical and made of solid oak.


The bathroom, with a combination of wood and gold is equipped with two washbasins for better comfort. A small window at the top adds natural light and the golden elements, a little luxury.