Dana Abar


Hospitality Design, 10 Mill Street Boutique Hotel
As a designer, I have realised how big of a responsibility I hold towards the environment. Every decision I make from a building’s orientation to the last schedule of materials can either make or break our future generation. My goal is not only to solve the apparent problems but far more, to use every design aspects as a tool to guide our humanity to a greater, healthier and sustainable lifestyle, one design at a time.

My journey of showing the world that sustainable design is just as sophisticated as any other design begins with 10 Mill Street Boutique hotel. In this particular case, the Hotel symbolises our planet, it’s our place to call home while this journey lasts so let’s appreciate and take care of it.

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Reception Desk

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Bedroom Lounge Area

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Bathroom with dimmed night lights

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Connection Link

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Exterior Restaurant Seating