Hao Liu


Museum Design
This project links with my thesis topic “How can interior design be more user friendly to blind people”. The final project is adapting the wax museum building into a museum called ‘Dialogue in the Dark’. The idea is to let sighted people understand what a blind person’s world is like. The basement will become a dark restaurant, where people can experience a meal in a dark area. The first and second floors show different exhibitions, including a help desk for customers.

Hao Liu_1

Basement Restaurant Area 3D Render

Hao Liu_2

First Floor Exhibition Area 3D Render

Hao Liu_3

First Floor Information Area 3D Render

Hao Liu_4

Second Floor Office Area 3D Render

Hao Liu_5_Basement Floor Plan

Basement Floor Plan

Hao Liu_6_First Floor Floor Plan

First Floor Floor Plan

Hao Liu_7_Ground Floor Floor Plan

Ground Floor Floor Plan

Hao Liu_8_Second Floor Floor Plan

Second Floor Floor Plan