Daniela Hurtado


Do Theach
This project involved the adaptive reuse of the existing building Marshalsea Court. The aim is to create a homeless shelter for women and children in which they can feel safe, welcomed and inspired. The shelter provides hope and opportunities for its residents to better their situation through the application of biophilic and human-centred design. Residents are encouraged to interact with the community in spaces such as the cafeteria and central courtyard, in order to help break down stereotypes and prejudices associated with homelessness and living in shelters.

Daniela -Hurtado _2

Entry view

Daniela -Hurtado _3

Courtyard view

Daniela -Hurtado _4

Library view

Daniela -Hurtado _5

Lounge view

Daniela -Hurtado _6

Bedroom view 1

Daniela -Hurtado _7

Bedroom view 2

Daniela -Hurtado _8

Bathroom view