Sarah Johnston


From This Day Forward
Set in a world where engaged couples find out their future, Carl (Eoin Groome) and Amanda (Nikki Breedveld) are told by the registrar (Steven Jess) about major events that will happen to them should they go through with their wedding and they must decide if they still want to get married. ‘From This Day Forward’ has been one of my favourite projects to direct to date. The idea came to me in September of 2019 and was a constant push towards completion from then on. The concept came from thinking about how people tend to look back on their lives, what they have done, should have done or could have done or said. From that, I began to wonder: if they had known what would truly come of their lives, would they have made the same decisions? I hope that in watching this film, audiences reflect upon their own lives and think about what could have been or what is possibly still to come; especially in these constantly changing and uncertain times.


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