Sam Burke

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Silent Starling
‘Silent Starling’ is a film about connection, overcoming trauma and finding hope in one’s darkest moments. Anxiety is something that runs in my family, so I felt obligated to write and direct a film whose main character was grappling with her mental health. This film is an emotional, unique story about Liz Starling (Nikki Breedveld), a young woman who believes that her voice is cursed. Every time Liz speaks to someone, something bad seems to happen to them. Things could change, however, when she comes across Hazel (Ellen Rogers), someone with whom she has a great deal in common. Liz desperately wants to connect with people again, but the fear of her curse holds her back. In my own experience, our minds can make us focus on the negatives so much that it can impede our happiness. By making this film, I hope to show people that the feelings Liz experiences are feelings we will all inevitably face in our lives. Eventually, something or someone can help pull us out of the sense of despair we experience.


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