Ryan Buckley


A Lonely Haunt
A film about isolation, seclusion and loneliness, ‘A Lonely Haunt’ is the story of a ghost stuck in a purgatory-like stage of death. He doesn’t know how to move on to the afterlife to be with his family, whom he lost long ago. A Ghost (Emmet Ryan) lives his best half-life in the house of an older woman. However, he hasn’t seen the woman in days. He’s only starting to notice her absence when the old woman’s granddaughter, Emma (Emma Konchar), and her husband, Ben (Andrew Kingston), move into the house. The couple decides to clean out the house and throw out all the clutter. The Ghost will do everything he can to stop the couple from throwing out the only things he has left to remember his family by, while also coming to appreciate that there’s more to the memory of his family than just objects.


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