Cameron Johnson


Dublin, Spoken.
‘Dublin, Spoken’ is an arts documentary following the efforts of three spoken word poets who aim to establish an industry out of their art form. I interview Melissa Ridge (Boundless and Bare’s BND magazine), Hazel Hogan (Being Earnest podcast) and Kasey Shelley (Ealaín open mic) to learn about their poetic journeys. Lewis Kenny, a once-successful poet who has since retired from the scene, provides some contrast, but the message remains the same: spoken word is a powerful medium for emotional truth. Spoken word is an exciting grassroots movement in Dublin, but these three believe it’s more than a labor of love; the best poets should be able to make a career out of it.

A fan of poetry myself, I’m in love with the way poetry can allow us to express the rawest, truest versions of ourselves, and communicate our emotions in ways no other art form can. It’s been a pleasure talking to poets and learning about their passions.


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