Megan Murphy


Currents SS 21
Currents is a soft and feminine collection inspired by the diversity of life that inhabits the sea, the aim of the collection is to bring awareness to sea pollution. Whales have suffered from the waste in the sea and have been beached due to stomachs full of plastic. Most of the shapes and features in the garments were heavily inspired by the forms of whales and their bones. Each piece is made to accentuate the female figure. The collection’s natural aesthetic is achieved through the use of organic materials and colour tones.


The first image sets the tone of the collection. The different images represent the mood and the sources of my inspiration. I took the picture of the propeller at the National Maritime Museum in DĂșn Laoghaire.


The first two garments in this image feature recycled denim inserted in the seams. The pattern on the second garment is batik inspired by the whale bones. The coat is made from waxed cotton.


The dress in this image is the same pattern in batik. The jacket in the second garment and the third dress have the same inverted tucks that create shape in the waist. The trousers are made from waxed cotton.


This coat is inspired by smocks that fishermen used to wear. The flap on the hood is similar to the hats they wore that turned up at the front. The wooden belt buckle was inspired by the wooden tools found on the old fishing boats.


This is a princess style dress with a seam just below the bust and a cape on the back is caught into the waistline. There is a large placement print in batik with different shades of blue.


The fabrics used in the collection are either organic or are environmentally friendly. The neutral colour pallet is highlighted by blue found in the batik and recycled denim that features in the collection.


This is a toile of the hood coat which features net lining, the technical flat of this garment is shown in image 4. The sleeve shape has been inspired by the form of a propeller.


This dress is made from Mika hemp and is lined with cotton poplin for a softer feel and look. The inverted tucks in the waist, creates the effect of boning in the garment as they are filled with wadding.