Bonitta Mphahlele


Alter: Change Your Perspective
‘Alter’ is a diversity campaign and product launch advertising a new action figure on the market. The action figure — a strong, black, African female character — intends to inject more diversity into ‘Geek Culture’. A subculture that, for a very long time, has predominantly been meant to only appeal to a certain race and gender: white boys and men. Severely lacking in diversity in its characters and stories. This project aims to give young black, African children — particularly black, African girls — who enjoy reading comics, playing video games and all aspects of geek culture, a sense of acceptance and empowerment. It aims to celebrate diversity and inclusion in this subculture. To transform peoples’ perspectives and stereotypical views of this field and highlight the importance of inclusivity and representation of all genders, races and cultures in all forms of media.

alter poster

Main product launch marketing poster.

alter flyer

An A5 flyer which folds out into an A3 poster. The flyer comes with the packaging and gives information about Alter — a summary of who she is, her mission, origin story and special features and abilities.

alter posters

Main teaser posters. This would be released before the main poster to drum up interest for the product.

alter action figure

Alter action figure and packaging design. The figure is meant to double as a learning tool for children and/or adults introducing them to coding. By visiting the Alter website and solving a code that’s unique to each user, they unlock a 4 digit answer. When typed into a secret compartment on the back of the action figure, the answer activates the figures secret feature, lighting up Alter’s weapons and armour.

alter illustrations

A showcase of the various illustrations.


Instagram teaser ads. The ads would be released one by one over a period of time, as teasers before the actual product is launched.

alter flyer

Mock-up of A5 flyer which folds out into an A3 poster.

alter posters

Mock-up of teaser posters.